My Squared Digital Life

Here it is, part of Module I’s final assignment, my Digital Life explained with my Squared course experience.

I was inspired by the panda infographic, where instead of pandas I described it from the point of view of a Squared Online student.

First, you can find the main platforms that I think everyone in general uses: a laptop and a smartphone. We use them to be connected to the digital world. Especially smartphones, mobile devises that have given us the opportunity to bring the digital world with us anywhere we go, allowing us to have access to on time information and tools that can make our lives easier.

Finally, I decided to display some of the main platforms and tools that me and, hopefully, other square students use on a daily basis. (Yes, we are that committed! Right?)

digital life


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Tourism Postgraduate | Squared | Music + Cinema Lover | Film Photography Enthusiast
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