Video: A Great Digital Marketing Tool

While working on my Squared Online video assignment I started wondering about videos’ importance in digital marketing campaigns. I know this is one of the most effective tools at hand in social media platforms as Facebook, because it can be more compelling than images or status updates. So before I show you my Squared Online Introduction Video, let’s have a look at the broader picture and understand why videos are such an important digital marketing tool.

Why Are Videos So Effective?

Are you a football fan? Well, imagine Cristiano Ronaldo talking about your brand in a video that goes instantly viral. Wouldn’t that be great? Well, someone at the Spain’s Tourism Office and Madrid Visitors & Convention Bureau thought of doing exactly that in order to promote the city of Madrid as a tourism destination using its most internationally known asset – Real Madrid’s football team. Here players explain why they like the city so much and make recommendations on where to go and what to do while visiting Madrid.

Videos are a powerful marketing tool. It is an effective way of promoting a brand, products, or services, by presenting engaging, useful, interesting and entertaining experiences to potential costumers.

Social Media: Enhancing Videos’ Reach and Influence

Today, with the appearance of on-line platforms, videos’ messages can  be driven to massive audiences via on-line channels in seconds. No wonder Youtube is the major depository of videos on the web. It reached 4 billion video views and 1 hour video uploads per second in 2012! As a social media platform, it allows users to share videos with their network of friends, turning them into promoters of brands. They can interact with other people and drive a conversation, thus increase brand awareness and engagement by helping brands to spread their message in different ways across different platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogs, etc.).

Videos have a great potential and should be an important part of any digital marketing campaign.

Not convinced yet?  Check this insightful infographic shared by my fellow Squared Kavya!

And so here it is: My Google Squared Introduction Video.


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4 Responses to Video: A Great Digital Marketing Tool

  1. Nuno says:

    Cool video dude, nice work!

  2. Julian Tozer says:

    Hi Harold.
    Ur video was brilliant! You are very talented. Hope u enjoy the course.
    – J

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