Before It All Starts…


I have been interested in Digital Marketing for a couple of years now because I feel it is a wave of the future and that has changed the business environment drastically across different industries and economic activities.

I recently finished my first professional experience in a Tour Operator in New York where I was mainly involved in their Social Media sphere among other Marketing related activities (Check my LinkedIn page to get a better picture). It was a great opportunity to learn more about Digital Marketing and to realize that this is what I want to do. Therefore, soon as I came back to Lisbon, I started looking for courses and I came across Squared Online. It caught my attention right away because it is a program curated by Google, and after reviewing their proposition, it seem the right one for my capabilities and aspirations.

First Steps

Coming back from a great holiday week I realized that the program is starting soon (!), so I been checking all information available in the portal and getting more acquainted with the learning approach which seems great and makes me eager to start as soon as possible.

It is great that we are asked to create accounts across the different platforms and deal right away with all these tools that ultimately we should master. Just as my fellow Squared Brendan, I have been broadening up my social media presence on Twitter and Google+ too. Although I have worked within Social Media, I personally have been out of the On-line world to some degree. I only being present on Facebook (of course!), Linkedin, and Pinterest. And I also recently created my photography page on Flickr called All Kinds of New, which is fuelled up by a blog of the same name.

It’s great to be challenged this way, and works great for me as I can get involved in more social platforms where I can increase my presence and generate more traffic to my pages. The next step will be to accomplish the YouTube assignment. I used to create videos that I shared on this platform but I’m still not sure how I will overcome this challenge…

In the mean time I will relax reviewing those videos I use to do back in time to see if I get inspired:

(I should have been really bored and with plenty of free time back then…!)


As it was recommended on the Assignment sheet, it might be a good idea to also state what my expectations and desires out of this program are.

Simply put, I would like to attain more practical skills in terms of dealing with PPC and SEO, and in overall to get a solid and hands-on experience through all this course in order to learn and master the Digital Marketing world.

I hope you enjoy reading my stories and experiences at Squared Online, I’m sure it will be a fulfilling and amazing journey.

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